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“I have been working with Kat for many years. She is by far one of the most reliable writers I have ever worked with! Kat is an excellent researcher and can dig down to the roots of topics to find accurate and useful information. She knows how to format a well-written piece, her writing is easy to follow and user-friendly while also being information dense. Kat is passionate about what she does and I would recommend her work to anyone.” - Jenna Barrington, CEO at The Hired Pen, Content Manager at dr Nandi and Healthy Holistic Living, and former Content Manager at Organifi and FitLifeTV

“Working with Kat has been an honor and a privilege - her content is always so well researched and written with precision as well as personality. She has been an invaluable member of the Fitlife.TV/Organifi writing team since the beginning and I’m confident many others in our department can say the same. She’s always on top of her deadlines and never misses a beat with the variety of content we request. She’s naturally gifted at taking an idea and running with it and taking the initiative if instructions are ever ambiguous or unclear. She’s confident in her work and has the experience to back it up and it shows in the pieces she writes. She’s also impressively knowledgeable in the world of holistic health, which gives her an excellent edge in this area of writing. She’s refreshingly authentic and genuine and is never afraid to take on something new and share pieces of herself in the words she writes. I would highly recommend Kat to any company in search of talented, high quality writers. ” - Sara Wylie, Editorial Manager at Fitlife.TV and Organifi

“Kat is a very reliable writer who is great at working to deadlines. She has a good eye for making articles work the space they're given, using formatting to create accessible and smooth experiences for content readers.” - James McIntosh, Senior Editor at Medical News Today and Healthline

“Kat has written several high-quality articles for my health blog. I am expecting these articles to be among the most popular over time, as they are well researched and quite informative. In addition, Kat has a unique writing style that is easy to follow and enjoyable to read. I highly recommend her work.” - Eldon B. at Nootropics Resources

“I have known Kat for more than 4 years by now, and she is an amazing writer to work with! She is one of the best writers I've ever known, and all the jobs she's done impress me. She is always confident in her work and has lots of experiences. She is a highly skilled, proactive, and creative writer and provides top notch service. When we used to work together, her articles were the most popular on that online magazine. I highly recommend her to work with.” - Judit Mio, Writer at HM and former Writer at Globspot

“Kat writes in a way that readers can understand and relate to while backing up her work with up-to-date scientific sourcing. She is professional and easy to work with. I would recommend her services to other health practitioners and health businesses who want to up their content.” - ghostwriting client

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“Kat is exceptionally bright, talented, and caring, and she puts her all into whatever project or goal she is pursuing. Any organization would be very lucky to have her. ” - A. S. Robertson, Publisher and Journalist

“Kat has been tremendously reliable, fast, and thorough. She is incredibly talented and one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for quality health content.” - ghostwriting client

“Kat’s articles are absolutely incredible. Everyone loves them [at the company] and they are incredibly popular.” - Daniel C., Editor and Regional Manager at Globspot

“What a powerful and informative article. I am so grateful for the way Kat tackled this topic. While it’s so easy to get upset or passionate, I felt like Kat was able to speak in a calm factual tone, give us important information we need about this scary topic, then then leave us with something we can do about it so it doesn’t happen to us.”" - Kirsten C, Social Media Manager

“Kat is self motivated and very hardworking. She was always ready to help out. She is good at multitasking and has strong critical thinking skills and is able to work alone as well as effectively on a team. I have no reservations or what so ever in recommending her. ” - Yvonne Amegbor, MBA and former Technology Services Professional at CSU

“She works diligently and carefully,with a focused, organised and enthusiastic approach. She takes care to fulfill tasks to the best standard and professionally. ”- M. Henderson

“Just awesome. I loved the whole thing, page after page. Wonderful copywriting, too!”- Saleem R.

“We love your work. We are so happy we’ve found you.” - Ester S., Media and Social Marketing at Chacrys

“I loved the article you wrote on mold illness and it was the most helpful information I have found.” - Shannon

“Fantastic...thank you!” - Jon S. at We Have Parkinson’s

“Kat was always very hardworking and focused.” - Ana Isabella

“Very good information about holistic health. Thank you very much.” - Allen Kendall

“I loved your article on storing fruits and vegetables.” - Julissa A.

“You rock!!! Thanks.” - Bonnie Fultz Ramos