Hi, I’m Kat.

~ Holistic Health Writer ~

I help health and wellness professionals AND BUSINESSES with quality online content to Engage their audience And market their products and services.

I help YOU TO make a difference in the World Through EXPERT HEALTH WRITING and CREDIBLE HEALTH CONTENT.

You CAN build authority with easy-to-read, science-backed, and inspiring health, wellness, and nutrition content.

My work helps YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to establish trust and credibility with Your audience, to increase your views and revenue, and to make a positive difference in the health and life of Your clients.



✓ Holistic health & healing
✓ Holistic nutrition
✓ Detoxification and cleansing
✓ Whole foods nutrition and plant-based diets
✓ Intermittent fasting strategies
✓ Holistic, healthy, organic, and green living
✓ Mindset, psychology and emotional healing
✓ Chronic pain and illness (prevention and treatment)
✓ Autoimmune diseases (prevention and treatment)
✓ Mental health (prevention and treatment)
✓ Mind-body-soul connection
✓ Mindbody Syndrome and TMS

My Health Writing services include high-quality and well-researched content:

→ BLOG POSTS & ARTICLES to drive traffic to your site and attract new clients
→ EBOOKS, TUTORIALS, & GUIDES to educate your audience

Get Quality Health Content from a Writer specialized in Health and wellness

As a health writer, I work exclusively with holistic health practitioners, entrepreneurs and businesses, such as functional and integrative medicine doctors, holistic alternative health practitioners, health and life coaches, holistic-minded therapists and psychologists, health and nutrition products and brands, and holistic health centers. 

I work with people like YOU.

Working with a health writer like me saves you time and energy. You don’t have to worry about researching and writing yourself.

This is why you hire a health writer!

I make sure that your health content is backed by up-to-date science and statistics yet is still human-friendly and easy to read. As your health writer, I help you to inform and inspire your readers to act.

Your content will convert readers to clients and customers.

You can finally focus on what you love: helping the world with your services and products and creating a powerful difference.

I can help you to take your business to the next level.

Let's Create Magic Together!

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