I believe that writing can create a difference in the world if we use the right words and express our passion.

My passion is to help holistic health practitioners, businesses and entrepreneurs to spread their message and market themselves effectively through quality blog posts, online content, and other written materials.

My areas of expertise include:

✓ Holistic health & healing
✓ Holistic nutrition
✓ Detoxification and cleansing
✓ Whole foods nutrition and plant-based diets
✓ Holistic and healthy living
✓ Mindset, psychology and emotional healing
✓ Chronic pain and illness (prevention and treatment)
✓ Mental health
✓ Mind-body-soul connection

Whether you need help with your blog, guest posts, online articles, ebooks, guides, newsletters, scripts for videos or social media content, I can help you!

I can help you gain greater authority and more credibility in the holistic health field, create a strong online presence with more engagement, and most importantly, bring in happy clients through high-quality online content.

I exclusively work with entrepreneurs, businesses, and bloggers in the holistic health field. 

The #1 Reason You Should Work With Me:

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Health writer Kat Gal


2009 - 2010 MSc Educational Sciences, Children’s Rights, University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands

Masters Thesis: Abuse against Children in Kenya

2005 - 2008  BA Psychology, Cardinal Stritch University (CSU), Wisconsin, USA

Bachelors Thesis: The Risk for Developing Self-Destructive Behavior in Adolescence Among Those Who Were Abused and those Who Witnessed Abuse, 2007


2013 - 2014  Certificate, Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition – New York, USA

2013  Certificate, Life Coaching, Southwest Institute for Healing Arts – Arizona, USA

2011 Trinity College Certification in TESOL, Trinity College – Oxford TEFL, Spain


2015 - 2018 various content writing, copy writing and SEO writing training workshops, FitLifeTV and Organifi

2017 Content Marketing Certificate Course, HubSpot Academy

 2015 Certified Writer, FitLife TV

2013  Food, Nutrition and Health, Open2 Study


  • I am a world traveler always living outside of my comfort zone, pushing my boundaries, continuously learning, discovering and smiling at the beauty of the world. I have been to over 40 countries (and counting) and lived in over 10 of them for some period of time.

  • I am a distance runner, intuitive runner, and Boston Qualifier. Fun fact is that I failed gym in fifth grade, sat out the gym mile, and lived without any form of exercise until joining my college cross country team at 19. It was true love. I also enjoy walking, biking, swimming, hiking, 5Rhythms & ecstatic dancing and TRX.

  • I adore beautiful views. I am a tree-hugger. I love being in nature, yet I am also a city girl who admires beautiful architecture and gets inspired by people-watching. I love cats.

  • I am in love with red grapes, pineapples, apples, pomegranates, broccoli, and chocolate sorbet.

  • I am currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband and a bunch of plants.

  • Smiling is the best medicine.

I believe in the beauty of the world, the power of words and the universal love that is within all of us. I believe in the passion that drives us.

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Kat Gál

Holistic Health Writer


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